Summary of Open House Livestream #9

Here is a summary of Open House Livestream #8 broadcast on 8th June, 2017. You can see the video again on our Youtube Channel: (Video is embedded below).

We took a moment at the start to enjoy a little visual improvisation of our game’s name by Phil, as well as realized we don’t edit these. Ever. Live. Always.

1. Artwork update

  • All the character sketches are done! What’s more is they’re all on a giant beautiful bar scene poster. Frederick is moving on to designing the Character cards now, and we should receive those by the weekend.
  • Naturally we will be showing off more of those as the campaign proceeds. Curious? Come see us at Zomerspel (details below), where we’ll be giving great sneak previews of the amazing artwork thus far.

2. Events coming up

  • Besides the big announcement below, next big event is Zomerspel in Gent. We’ll be there on the Saturday, giving you loads of chances to play plenty of games of BaRPiG. Details on our Facebook page.

3. Launch date is pencilled in!

  • Yes, we’ve finally got a (re)launch date pencilled in! We’re working out the logistics, but it should stick and we’ll be announcing that shortly, most likely next Livestream, so stay tuned!

4. Gameplay video 1st edit available

  • The fist edit of the Gameplay video is available on our Youtube channel. Please check it out and let us know your thoughts. It’s without sound, that will follow and will simply be us reading out the text that appears.

5. Shoutout to Phil’s family back in Canada

  • For sending a care package with a big ‘ol bottle of Whiskey! Perfect Timing.

6. Revenge of the Reviews

We list up 5 of our favourite review sites, who we’ve had close contact with during the past year or so. See what we really think of them, and why they’re actually pretty great sources of good info!

‘Reviewed’ sites were Roll for Crit, Nox’s Spellenzolder, Past Go, Dumee Gamer, Two Gun Pixie.
Honorable mentions go to Crystarium Networks, Rahdo Runs Through, Jon Gets Games, Maple Meeple, Oz Board Gamer.

Next Open House Livestream, Phil will be beardless. Why? Check out timestamp 29:30.


Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs

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