Our Euro Tour Has Begun!

First of all, thank you so much for those who have already sent in payments. For you, we’re happy to report that we have already sent you a limited edition beta deck. As for those remainders who have pre-ordered but have not yet sent in payments, then we’re going to have to postpone sending any more decks until the end of the month. This is because we are beginning our ten day European Road Tour!!. You may still send in payments if you like, but just know we will be out of office (our living room) until the end of May. If you haven’t made an order yet, then please do so. It’s the only way we can ensure you a limited edition BaRPG beta deck. Who knows, with any luck, we might sell out while on tour!


Speaking of touring Europe, for those interested we now have a tentative travel plan:

Thursday, May 12th:

Germany, Cologne- 10:00 p.m at MEININGER

Friday, May 13th – Sunday 15th

Germany, Berlin

Sunday, May 15th– Monday, May 17th

Czech Republic, Prague

Tuesday, May 18th- Wednesday, May 19th

Slovakia, Bratislava


Thursday, May 20th-Friday, May 21st

Austria, Vienna

Saturday, May 22nd  

Austria, Salzburg

Sunday, May 23rd

Germany, Munich

Monday, May 24th

(Begin trek home!) – Heidelberg castle?

Tuesday, May 25th

Amsterdam recovery day!


Till then,

Keep Questing You Fine Drunks

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