Will Our Piggy Make it To Market?

The End Draws Near!

With almost only a week left in March we find ourselves drawing closer to our end.  Its crunch time baby and you know what that means:  it’s time for us to frantically bust out a few last demo dates while we still can!

As we work to bring in some more pledges we also are preparing for Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht on Saturday. Keep an eye out for us in full costume and don’t be afraid to say hello if you see us. We really are a friendly pair and if you are lucky you might even get the chance to play.

After that we’ll be heading to Friend and Foes here in Amsterdam to demo before heading back to Utrecht the following Monday to BaRPiG in De Rumite.  From there, we have further events lined up on Thursday (Subcultures in Utrecht) and Friday (American Book Centre, Amsterdam). As you can see, our schedule is packed. We hardly have time to rest.  But this is it, folks! It’s do or die!

As always you can check our Facebook or Twitter for any information on these coming events.


Speaking of Events…

After being featured on Crystarium Network we have decided to do a follow-up interview on Tuesday, March 28th. Here will be asking questions about our game as well as sharing some of the stories about how we got to where we are.  The interview will be held live at 6 p.m. AMS Time or 2 P.M. Central Time (CT).


The Doodles Are Done

For those of you who checked into our last Q&A you may already know that all our item card sketches are now done. Well, as we have just found out, not only are sketched but now they are fully coloured too! Take it from us, they look great.  If you would like to see these illustrations then we will be releasing one for every 10 pledges we receive from now till April 1st.  There’s only a few days left, so if you want to see them then now the’s time to get the word out!


Quest For The Missing King

Legend tells tale of a potential tenth BaRPiG character – the missing king!  Although originally a stretch goal, rumors tell of another way to unlock him. But first you must prove you worth!

For this, the king demands:

250 Likes on Facebook250 Followers on Twitter, and 20 Fans on Board Game Geek

Complete this quest and unlock the 10th BaRPiG, completing your deck!

Game in Dublin

Last weekend we were in Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. Though much of the Friday was devoted to enjoying the festivities (and Guinness), it was on Saturday when got the chance to head down to Gamer’s World to demo our game.

All it took was a small offering of stroopwafels (Dutch caramel cookies) to get the ball rolling. After a small 3 player game with local Dubliner Karl, we found our table later filled by a group of prospective convention goers.  Honorable mention goes to Michael for suggesting that he would invade an airport by locking himself in a drinks fridge – ala Indiana Jones and launching himself.  Though his strategy earned him a loss of sober points, it’s always good to remind people of The Crystal Skull…Right?

We have to mention Peter as well, who felt resigned in having to charm Pintcess Zoe. With an indignant sigh, he thought long and hard before choosing his words: “You look like a cute bunny.” Who could refute such majesty, such charm, SUCH POETRY! Well certainly not Zoe who felt charmed enough to decide not to dish out any damage.

After that game, we were crunched on time since we still had to pick up our rental card in order to drive down to Waterford to visit our illustrator MJ. After leaving behind some business cards and stroopwafels, we had to say our merry goodbyes to Dublin.


A Full Team! 

Arriving in Waterford gave us the chance to meet with our MJ, our illustrator. This was quite the treat as this was the first time we met as a full team. After a round of a few merry pints in the evening, we were back at her house the following morning to look over her work so far.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional as I looked over her hand-drawn work. Though it had looked impressive on computer, it hardly compared to seeing it in real, tactile life. Though I have looked over every character drawing numerous times, it was in seeing the actual paintings that I was able to see details I had never before noticed. We had a fun time looking over each design as we sipped our coffee in preparation for the afternoon’s work.

The rest of the day was spent locked away in MJ’s room as we talked about the design of our cards. Between the three of us we managed to figure out an ever better design for our game. We’re so excited we’ll even offer you a little sneak peak. Tell us what you think.




Thank You!

Thanks so much to those who have supported us so far. We really do feel proud of the project we have to share and we’re happy that our pride isn’t in vain. We know from all the positive responses we received that we truly have made a great game. Now in these final last days I ask that we push to get our project funded. See you at the finish line…

…but until then, Keep Questing You Fine BaRPiGs


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