Picking yourself up again

It’s been an eventful week for us. I guess the biggest moment was when we decided to cancel funding for our Kickstarter campaign on Saturday, something which we had been expecting as a possible outcome pretty much the entire week beforehand.

It all started the Thursday a week before, March 23rd. We just received an email from one of Kickstarter’s developer reps, Michael. He reached out to us two weeks prior with some great feedback and advice, and has been fantastic at helping us along since. This time his email contained the phrase “since it doesn’t look like you’ll reach funding”, followed by advice to plan for a relaunch which in that moment didn’t quite register. All we saw was ‘fail’.

I won’t mince words, it was hard for us. After all this effort, all our work, and mostly all the support and love we’ve received from you guys, our backers and followers. In the face of all that, Michael’s words were actually the best thing for us, he spoke the truth we knew deep inside but weren’t ready to accept. Like all such moments in life, reality is usually five steps ahead of your heart.

By Friday we had licked our wounds, and turned our gaze towards a relaunch with feverent determination. Yeah, course we’re gonna relaunch! Afterall a big part of doing BaRPiG was learning how to do this Kickstarter thing, and we had come so far from our first silly mistakes. We also recognized how much of where we’ve gotten is thanks to the feedback, support, and sharing of BaRPiG by our supporters. You’ve become just as big a part of BaRPiG as we are. BaRPiG is our baby, but the way it has touched and involved people continues to surprise us. That’s why our next steps will focus on including you guys as much as we can. You’re all a part of this tribe, and BaRPiG only gets better as a result of everyone’s involvement.

Our Live Open House webcast this Thursday reflects this. We want to share our plans with you and get your feedback, you’re all as much a part of BaRPiG as we are.

We’ll continue to join and host events as usual, and look forward to hearing from and meeting with you guys as the weeks go by, whislt putting you guys more and more in the spotlight. At the same time we’ve started engaging the gaming community on Boardgame Geek and Reddit, a new Kickstarter campaign page has been registered, the game graphics are being improved, we’re collecting the results from our feedback survey, and our board is full of more ideas which we’ll share this Thursday. We can’t wait, and know this time we’ll make BaRPiG real!

Thanks for being with us on this journey, it’s an absolute joy to feel this loved.

Until then, keep questing you fine, oh so very fine, BaRPiGs


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