Recap of our Final Week’s Events

Yeah, this is a little overdue, we know. It’s been full on since our last Open House Livestream and our work towards what is now definitely looking more and more like some serious rework of the game’s art and style.

This blog won’t go into that, we’ll save all that news for today’s Livestream! This time it’s a look back into the fun we had during our final week in March, as well as a shout out to all the people we had great fun with!

It all began Monday in Utrecht. My friend Catharina joined me, and again it seemed BaRPiG was expected. We had two games where people actually made it out to try the game for themselves before deciding to support the Kickstarter. Not only was this great for us, but it also gave us a great insight into the bits and pieces of our campaign page we had earlier missed. Late for the initial campaign, but we were taking notes with regards to a potential relaunch. In total we had a great time playing 3 rounds. Highlight was watching Cat try and charm Peter by promising him breakfast after a date… Catharina and I ended the night with a round of Sushi Go! – which I had been meaning to try out for a while.

Wednesday of course was our Drink-a-thon livestream, so the next event happened on Thursday, where again Subcultures were kind enough to host us for the whole afternoon. We had some great games again, and once again Sanne got stuck into the fun. This was also our chance to show off some of our expansion ideas we’ve been holding behind the scenes. The game became even more interesting once characters such as a Meadium and the Vodkleric were thrown in – those BaRPGers out there will know exactly what we’re referring to here! Fun moments were having the group imitate sloths (nice one!), and when Lianne as the Drrmonk blessed a copy of the game Sherlock Holmes. Shout out to Roel aswell (who gave us great graphics design insight, again brilliant tips!)

Friday we were at the American Book Center, with our humble table set up alongside the board games sections. It was great to meet Felix, Bes, and others, and the games that were played were once again epicly fun! At one point the dice rolled off the table, off the ledge of our floor, and continued to roll down the stairs below to the ground floor. It was a natural 6, for the win, all the same. We finished the afternoon having garnered loads of interest and great feedback again, and as always everyone had loads of fun with BaRPiG.
It was a great way to end our campaign in the last week, even though we didn’t reach funding. And it was fun to just enjoy playing the game again before getting our heads back down and into the work towards a relaunch.

This evening’s our next LiveStream, this time focusing on feedback from our survey, as well as our work on the graphic design and layout of the game, and other topics raised by you guys. We’ll blog the highlights of that LiveStream the day after.

So, until then, keeping questing you fine BaRPiGs!

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