Summary of Open House Livestream #2

Here’s a summary of our 2nd Open House Livestream, broadcast on 12th April, 2017. You can see the video again on our YouTube channel:
(Video is embedded below).

1. Card and Game visual design

  • One of the things we’ve picked up from everyone’s feedback after our campaign was the visual designs of the cards (not the artwork) seemed somewhat lacking in luster.
  • We threw our question and current designs into the interwebs, making posts on Boardgame Geek and Redit.
  • The community response has been incredible, but more importantly very honest and very informed.
  • In the end we’ve decided BaRPiG’s visual aesthetics are best left in the hands of a professional, as we have no background or training in visual design.
  • We’ve also recognized having a game which is visually captivating will also help it perform better in a relaunch campaign, as well as deliver you guys an even better final product.
  • The improved visuals mean we can also look at increasing final retail pricing. This won’t affect our Early Bird pricing on the relaunched campaign, those will still be available at €9 each (in limited quantity).
  • As a result we’ve reached out to Frederick, the visual artist for Revenge of the Dictators – we’ve already met him previously and he likes our game’s premise, so there’s an established raport. We’re meeting him next Monday to discuss our options. Additionally we’ve come in touch with another artist through our thread on BoardGame Geek. Depending on things go, we may also consult with him.

2. Podcasts and Reviewers

  • Many of you would have liked to see more reviews for BaRPiG, so as a result we’re busy approaching more reviewers, podcasts, and bloggers with the invitation to try a Print ‘n Play of BaRPiG for themselves.
  • At this moment Boardgame King, BJ Geek Nation, Pixels & Papers, and Board Game Center all have copies of our PnP.
  • We’re still approaching more reviewers and sites. Should you be interested in reviewing BaRPiG yourself, or know someone, don’t hesitate to let us know (

3. Survey Results and Prize Draw

  • We’ve collated all the survey result from our backers. Thank you to everyone that helped out!
  • Loads of insight, feedback, and definite areas of improvement to focus on.
  • Ratings for elements such as the campaign page layout were positive, as were the updates. However, Live Stream events need improvement, as does the quality of information, the Live Streams (during the campaign), and the promo video.
  • Comments also revealed there is a need for a video of how to play the game, as well as videos of funny situations that happen during gameplay. There is also a call to be more connected with our followers and backers, which we think is working now with our weekly Open House livestreams. We’ll continue this into our relaunch campaign.
  • Regarding funny situations and videos, we’ll look at recording those during events, and when they happen uploading those to our social media networks as well as youtube for posterity.
  • Motivations for backing us were primarily people liking the game concept, enjoying drinking games, and liking us! (thanks!!)
  • 60% of respondents didn’t know about us before we hit Kickstarter.
  • 50% of respondents rated a 9-10 with regards to referring us to friends, making them ‘promoters’ Our Net Promoter Score stands at 7.

All survey results have been de-identified and made accessible for your viewer in a Google Sheets document, with the results tabulated in an easy and clear oversight:

As for the winning respondent, Matthew S. from Canada won the lucky draw, and wins a Plush Sheep with a BaRPiG bandana, and we’ll refund your pledge for a pack of BaRPiG in our relaunched campaign! Congratulations!

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs
~Johno & Phil


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