Summary of Open House Livestream #3

Here’s a summary of our 3rd Open House Livestream, broadcast on 19th April, 2017. You can see the video again on our YouTube channel:
(Video is embedded below).

1. The BaRPiG Trifecta

  • Working with the feedback from everyone since our last livestream, it’s clear that our community recognizes BaRPiG has two solid legs with regards to how the game is enjoyed and our theme (pigs!). The third element missing is the visual element.
  • The more we engaged with our followers as well as others in the gaming community familiar with BaRPiG, the more we saw this was how people related to the game.
  • It’s also clear that in a mature platform such as Kickstarter, games which are strong visually get a lot more attention. So to compete in this market we need to make sure our game is brought up to the same level.
  • This means we’re giving almost all our attention towards improving the visual aspect. We see it as a crucial step, and leading up to that being complete we are ensuring every other aspect of the game is completed so that we can relaunch successfully once the updated visuals are completed.
  • Yesterday we met with Frederick van de Bunt, the graphic artist behind games like the Mad King, Privateers, and Revenge of the Dictators (yes, our friends!). He gave us some interesting options with regards to really elevating BaRPiG visually, as well as honest feedback on our design.
  • We have two options;
    1. Either a basic update on the layout of the cards using MJ’s current artwork which will lift the cards visually, but may encounter some subtle color or stylistic inconsistencies.
    2. The other option is to have all the visuals of the game in all the cards completely overhauled, including the logo, as well as graphics for the campaign page, banners, and the box design itself. This would be done in conjunction with MJ using her art as a base. That way the whole thing will look consistent in colour and style.

2. Pricing & Financials

  • The two options have relative costs associated with them. These are for Frederick’s work. We are also pursuing other designers and artists to compare their work and costs, however we realize this is a decision based more on quality assurance of the end product rather than just the monetary cost of the artwork itself.
  • At current, financials break down as follows:
    Total €7,000 required (€7,262.42 to be exact) – Covers production cost for 1000 units, as well as shipping to us, dispatch to all Kickstarter backers, illustration (MJ’s art) and video costs, Kickstarter fees (10% of €3,000), and Dutch tax (21%).
    €3,000 will be raised through our Kickstarter campaign. We will self-invest the remaining €4,000.
  • Should we go for the simple card design upgrade (option 1), that will cost at most €1,000.
  • Should we go for the complete overhaul (option 2), the costs come up to €4,000 for the work. This would make the project no longer financially viable. We would then have to opt to produce 2000 units (perversely, that would reduce production costs by more than €300, not including the extra visual design costs). The reason for this is it gives us more product with which to recover our costs. Additionally, we will be still sourcing the remaining finances for this beyond the €3,000 Kickstarter goal ourselves. Naturally it would be great to break out 3,000 goal for this to help out, but we’re not counting on that to make sure we cover all our bases.
  • Along with this the game will evolve from a cottage industry project to a more finished product. This would also justify a recommended retail price increment to bring it on par with other established card games on the market. We’re still pegging that ideal price, but it looks likely to remain below the €20 mark.
  • Kickstarter Early Birds will remain at €9, and we will maintain our €3 special for the BaRPGers (only done differently this time, we’ll inform our BaRPGers at the right time about this).

So that’s our conundrum. Do we go for the lower price option, commit to fewer units in our first production run, and risk having a game that still looks a little ‘off’ but might be enough to pass as a successful relaunch? Or do we ensure the game looks visually stunning, giving us our best chance at Kickstarter, but at higher cost and a commitment to double the number of initial games in the production run?

We’d like to hear from you guys on this one. Many of you have already voiced your opinions, but please continue to let us know! Send us messages on FacebookTwitter, leave your comments in the YouTube video, or e-mail us!

3. New Updated Kickstarter Promo Video

  • Johnno finally figured out how to fix some last post-production glitches in the video, and now it’s finally ready and uploaded to Youtube!
  • You can view the video through this link:
  • Let us know what you think about it. It’s now 2:50 long (MUCH better!) and gets down to the nitty gritty. Notice any changes on the board behind us? 😉

Next Open House Livestream #4 is scheduled for next week May 26th at 17:00 CET. And we’ll have a special guest! Be sure to tune in!

Until then, keep questing you fine BaRPiGs
~Johno & Phil

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